Best Marketing Strategies For Car Dealerships In 2020


It is essential for a car dealership to choose the right marketing strategy to boost sales and increase revenues. However, for a very long time, businessmen who owned car dealerships were using old, traditional and very expensive models to promote themselves. 

With increasing competition in the car dealership business, it is important to pursue cost effective and high return marketing strategies. These strategies should help car dealerships to-

  • Reach out to new and potential consumers
  • Improve their branding and build trust in the market
  • Showcase their new products and services
  • Increase sales queries, boost revenues and generate profits
  • Create a Loyalty Program with existing consumers

In this article, we will look at the best marketing strategies for Car Dealerships in 2020. We will also elaborate on why it is important for such businesses to use technology and software to streamline their business operations. 

List of the Best Marketing Strategies for Car Dealerships

  1. Aggressive use of Social Media-

With nearly five billion active users on social media, no business can afford to ignore the medium anymore. By being active on social media, highlighting new cars and launches along with offers, dealerships can keep their pages relevant. 

By creating nice images and posts and providing complete information, car dealerships can expect to raise queries directly in the posts’ comments section. Social media is a very important platform to promote a brand in terms of advertising and marketing. 

  1. Adopt Ringless Voicemails and ditch traditional Tele calling-

Users do not like to be incessantly called and disturbed. However, everyone always expects a good deal or offer. This is why ringless voicemail car dealership is going to be the next big thing in 2020. 

By providing a non-obtrusive method of providing to consumers information that they can listen to in their free time, car dealerships can hope to convert new clients. Ringless voicemails are affordable, have a 95% chance of being listened to and can be linked to other outreach campaigns. 

  1. Use Google AdWords in a strategic fashion-

Some of the best car dealerships use Google AdWords Campaigns right during the holiday season. People are often tempted to buy new vehicles during the holidays. Running a Google AdWords campaign a month prior to the start of the holidays can help in many conversions. 

It is important to set the right targeting, along with an engaging copy, which implores people to click on the CTA. Every car dealership should run campaigns on search engines like Google. AdWords continues to improve and offer higher returns, queries and leads for car dealerships every year. 

  1. Explore Content Marketing-

Even though this might be an advanced form of marketing, content marketing has shown tremendous results. By placing your link strategically in high volume websites and blogs, car dealerships can drive a lot of traffic to their brand website. 

This traffic in turn can translate into queries and sales. It is always important to create great content around your brand. This not only helps in improving branding, but also in winning over consumers by providing relevant and resourceful content. 

  1. Influencer Marketing-

Every city and state has some active influencers who are not as expensive as celebs. These influencers can promote the car dealership on their social media platforms and their websites. By engaging with an influencer, brands can hope to get a lot of exposure in quick time. 

This can be very effective every time there is a car launch and a dealership would want to create a buzz around the same. 


Traditional forms of advertising are losing steam and draining car dealerships financially. By leveraging technology and the digital channels for promotion and branding, car dealerships can hope to improve sales and generate good profit margins for their businesses. 

Can you think of some other good marketing strategies for car dealerships? Do let us know in the comments section below.