Benefits of Regular Professional Grooming

Grooming your dog is not only important for his appearance, but for his health. At doggy daycare San Jose, your dog can not only be boarded, but groomed as well. There are also several reasons why you would want a professional dog groomer to do a full grooming session regularly. Here are some examples of how grooming improves your dog’s quality of life and how a professional groomer can help.

Overall benefits of grooming:

All dogs can benefit from regular brushing, even short-haired dogs. Here are seven benefits of regular grooming.

  • Grooming stimulates blood flow and removes dead skin and harmful dirt that can contribute to infections.
  • Special dog shampoos enrich the skin and hair with vitamins to keep the fur healthy and strong.
  • Mud baths, such as the ones doggy daycare San Jose offers, help alleviate and moisten itchy skin as well as deep clean the hair follicles.
  • Grooming helps distributes the skin’s oils more evenly to give the coat extra shine.
  • Grooming also helps reduce and prevent parasite issues that can cause illness or allergic reactions.
  • For long-haired dogs, regular grooming is essential to remove painful and debilitating matting and tangles which can contribute fecal impaction and skin infections.
  • Nail trimming is extremely important as long nails can become ingrown and cause problems with walking.

Reasons to have your dog groomed professionally:

While it is possible to do an entire grooming session dog yourself, it is not always practical if you are a busy person, have multiple dogs or your dogs are hard to keep still. A professional groomer is a better choice for this task for the following reasons:

  • Professional groomers have everything necessary for the job, so there’s no need to buy extra tools.
  • They have a supply of special shampoos and tools for special grooming problems.
  • Groomers are specifically set up for grooming with shampoo tubs and drying areas.
  • They can take care of multiple dogs at one time. This means less time and hassle are needed to have all your dogs groomed.
  • They are experienced with handling all types of dogs including anxious ones.

In-between grooming:

After you have your dog groomed at doggy daycare San Jose, make sure you keep things up by brushing your dog’s coat regularly and keeping the ears cleaned. Also, don’t neglect your dog’s teeth as regular teeth brushing is just as important as taking care of your dog’s coat. Not only is regular professional and in-between grooming good for your dog’s health, your dog will also look better.