Benefits Of This Therapy Model

Online therapy is a model of therapy that has gained popularity in recent years and is being very useful at the moment.

  • Quarantine;
  • isolation;
  • social withdrawal.

In this article, benefits of online therapy and other curiosities, such as:

  • What is online therapy?
  • Myths about online therapy.
  • Quarantine and online therapy.
  • Where to find therapy online?

What Is Online Therapy?

  • electronic therapy ;
  • electronic counseling;
  • teletherapy;
  • cyber counseling;


And it is a model known for involving several mental health services. E-therapy uses the internet to carry out consultations and sessions with patients.

In this way, the therapist can use platforms such as email, video conferencing, text messages, online chat, messages or phone calls.

In addition, there are different reasons why a person seeks online therapy service.

History Of Online Therapy

The history of online therapy, unlike what many think, is not a recent one. In fact, the model began to be used by psychologist Sigmund Freud, who used this method to communicate with his patients.

In 1982, support and self-help groups started using this platform, because it was an easier way to meet and communicate with more than one person.

Currently, there are several platforms, websites and applications that offer online mental health services. And private clinics that use online therapy as a service and support for patients.

Then, with the considerable increase in online counseling services, the International Society for Mental Health Online (ISTMO) was founded . As a result, online services have now followed guidelines and information on how to offer mental health services via the Internet.

As a result, in recent years, websites, applications and platforms, dedicated to online mental health services, have become increasingly popular.

It is seen that the growth and popularity of smartphones and tablets has led people to increasingly use online services.

Benefits Of Online Therapy

After all, as people cannot leave home, they can use online therapy both to start a treatment and to continue theirs.

Helps To Treat Mental Disorders

According to many professionals, online therapy is ideal, for example, for people who have a social phobia or limited mobility.

Offers More Practicality And Dynamism

In addition, the person can schedule the time of his therapy session at the time he sees fit.

It is worth mentioning that there is the same dynamism as in a face-to-face therapy.

In fact, there are several types of online therapies that are done with more than one person, such as family therapy and marital therapy.

In addition, it can have advantages in online therapy for couples and family, such as easier adjustment of session times and the most suitable place for everyone involved.

How to find a good professional?

Connected and present on the platforms, The psychologist also reinforces the importance of referring those who already know the professional or “seeking references either in the press or in publications (academic articles)”. The illness of the pandemic. Because unfortunately like all professions, we will find good and not so good professionals.