Bathroom Remodelling: Live life king size!

Entering a person’s house brings a lot of image about the different rooms and areas of the different aspects of the house and one of the most important being the washroom and the kitchen. Bathrooms are made with a lot of planning and with the best and modern amenities possible. Bathroom remodelling in an art and having an eye for the detail to do so is equally important.

Why it is important to have a king size washroom?

After a long tiring day at work, the best way to relax and breathe is perhaps when we go and take the final shower for the day. A hot water bath in our favourite bathtub with the background of soft music, dim light and scented candles- it becomes difficult to even come out of this heaven.

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Tricks for bathroom remodelling

Tired of your old and boring washroom which is so dull that you’d rather have the shortest look at it in your entire day? Jazz up your old washroom and give it the makeover it deserves. Hire one of the best interior decorators in town and give them the specifications you imagined for your dream washroom. And if you have an eye for details and are good at what you do, you can yourself remodel your own washroom. Adding the tiny details makes all the difference. The size of the washroom is very important because this decides what kind of gears and amenities one can install in their washroom. Larger spaces are easier to revamp than small constricted spaces and thus people with larger specifications find it hard to accommodate all their choices in their dream washroom.

The few details that can be added to an old boring washroom are worth mentioning. Bathroom remodelling can be initiated by first marking the boundary between the dry and the wet space. Doing this helps not only in accommodation of choices of individuals but also keeping the washroom cleaner and more appealing to step into. If this is difficult to do in a small space, it is fine, instead, drapes can be used. Draperies change the entire look of a washroom. It gives it a royal touch and makes the setup more sophisticated.

Stick to nude and neutral colours. This gives a soothing effect to the eye and the brain. After all, at the end of a long day, you would want nothing but relaxation in your favourite part of the house.

The next point one should remember is to find space for either a bathtub or a personal shower space. People can do this according to the space available and their own choice and budget. This is very important as it segregates the parts of the washroom. Dim lights are another good addition while revamping a washroom. Bathrooms should be serene, they should always smell good. This can be done by adding scented candles in different dry areas of the washroom where it can be lit easily and is away from any kind of drapes. While arranging the toiletries, make sure to arrange them either in neat stacks or hidden in a convenient cupboard. In confined spaces, it is advisable to stack only needed toiletries which can be refilled later.

Towels should again be of one particular colour and stacked neatly in a pile which is accessible and doesn’t look congested.

All these ideas for remodelling your bathroom are just ideas. Playing around with it is up to personal choices, cost effectivity as well as space available.

Make the best choice for your washroom and give yourself the transformation you deserve.