Babes Flaunting and the Attraction in the Best Site

There are several theories explaining the attraction of men for women’s breasts. The latestone defends the idea that it would come from a particular neural circuit used to promote the attachment of a mother for her baby during breastfeeding, but also to her partner which stimulates the chest during intercourse. By caressing the breasts, men would push women to love them more. In XXXBios you will have it all.

It is common knowledge: men love women’s breasts. But why? Not everyone agrees on this point. Some believe, for example, that a woman with a large breast is perceived as fertile and capable of properly feeding her baby. A psychologist, a journalist and writer, disagree. They defend their point of view in a book called “The chemistry between us” and explain that everything would be governed by a neural network that is established in women to facilitate attachment to their little one during breastfeeding. It would also be borrowed when in a sexual intercourse a man caresses the big boobs, which would push her to focus her attention and her love on her lover.

The attraction for breasts, a story of brains

A study of the neurological bases of complex social behaviors explains that at the time of breastfeeding, when the baby sucks on his mother’s nipple, the latter sees her brain flooded with a hormone called oxytocin, famous because it is strongly associated with love and attachment. Thus, the woman gives all her affection to her little one.


The chest also plays an important role during sexual intercourse and actively participates in arousal. Caresses on this region have been shown to activate the same regions of the brain as stimulation of the vagina or clitoris. And as for infants who eat, the delicate gestures of a lover induce a massive release of oxytocin. The target of female attention, in this case, is none other than her partner.