Avoid getting sick before a flight with these tips

Holidays bring with it a whole lot of fun and long distance travel is one such fun-filled part of the overall holiday experience. It is well known that our body faces a myriad of stress during travel and the probability of falling sick is high, especially for long distance Delhi to Toronto flights. Hence you need to take care of your health and prevent falling sick just before a flight, otherwise you might end up missing the flight altogether.

One of the main reasons for the sickness while travelling is the electromagnetic fields around. These electromagnetic fields may come from various sources like the cosmic radiation from the light, radiations from the flight, radiations from laptops, cell phones and other electronic gadgets and scanners. It is scientifically proven that these radiations can weaken your immune system.

How to avoid getting sick?

Though airline services like Etihad provide medical facilities on board, the experience can drain you out and spoil the whole fun of traveling. You can fall sick either during or after the travel due to stress and climatic changes. Here are some handy tips to avoid this unpleasant situation:

  • Get healthy before you travel: It is always best to avoid travel when you are sick. It will alleviate the condition. Eating healthy food and paying attention to your health before a journey is essential.
  • Take adequate rest: You tend to fall sick when you are tired and exhausted. It just adds to body’s burden. There are chances that you may not be able to sleep well during travel and a good nap before travel is also suggested.
  • Plan healthy food and snacks for your trip: Travelling is not the time to splurge on unhealthy food or cheat on your diet. Eating unhealthy undermines your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Packing health supplements and healthy snacks can help you avoid eating junk at the airports.
  • Be hygienic: Hygiene while traveling begins with wearing clean and comfortable clothing. Washing your hands before every meal, brushing your teeth, and washing face during transit time is also advisable.
  • Travel Light: It is always better to travel light and keep your hand baggage light. This avoids straining you while traveling in airports. Lifting the suitcase to hold it over the head and carrying it in airports will be a herculean task if it is heavy.

Even after all these preparations, probabilities are that you may fall sick. It is always better to carry medicines for common ailments like fever, diarrhea, headache, and such things. Travel can always be fun if you are careful. Keep all these points mind for a peaceful, safe, and healthy journey.