Atmospheric rest in a special CIS casino – Shangri La

Guests often refer to the casino network of Shangri La, Michael Boettcher founded it in 1992, as the best in the CIS, because in 26 years since its opening, it has become widely known in Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Latvia.

Thanks to the thoughtful management of Storm International (Michael Boettcher is the owner), a comfortable VIP atmosphere has been created here. Elegant interiors and impeccable service arrange a relaxed rest. Additional services make evenings in Shangri La pleasant and memorable.

Unique comfort and relaxation in the VIP format is what attracts visitors from dozens of countries. And, of course, the most popular activity is gambling. In the common halls you will find dozens of the best slot machines. You can also spend time playing roulette or cards. In the restroom everyone can enjoy drinks, and in restaurants – the author’s cuisine.