Ashwagandha powder – an herbal supplement that makes miracles

Ashwagandha a.k.a Withania somnifera is an ancient herb predominantly used in Ayurvedic medicines. Ashwagandha is cultivated and richly acquired in the drier regions of India. This short herb has leaves, berries and roots which do possess a number of medicinal values. The extract color is light and the taste is neutral which isderived fromthe handpicked root.According to the Ayurvedic study, Ashwagandha provides an effective vitality, rejuvenation and it is a general health booster. Under expert supervision and traditional methods,the Ashwagandha purification and the extraction are carried out. This is classified under “Adaptogen” which means it helps the human body to manage stress.

Ashwagandha Working methodology

As Ashwagandha is a pacifying herb, it supports the HPA axis, provides a balancing effect on the systems of the body. It supports hypothalamus which regulates the vital functions such as temperature, sleep and hormone levels. The herb increases resistance to the stress, restores balance in the HPA axis which helps to enhance occasional sleeplessness, support stress and anxiety management.

Benefits of Ashwagandha

Increases virility: Ashwagandha literally means “Smell of Horse” which indicates the fresh root’s horsey odor. It has been claimed that ingesting Ashwagandha powder will improve the strength of a horse.

Reduces anxiety: This adaptogen has the ability to shield the user from anxiety. Its anti-anxiety effect is synergistic with alcohol also. This herb relieves insomnia, stress-related depression. Ashwagandha significantly reduces Cortisol concentration. Consuming atleast 600 mg per day reduces anxiety and depression.

Controls Cholesterol Levels: It’santi-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties help in cardiac patients. Ashwagandha powder strengthens the heart muscles, controls cholesterol. A study indicates its hypolipidemic property brings down the blood cholesterol levels.

Treats Erectile Dysfunction

It is found to be good for improving libido in men. This can be taken as an internal medicine to treat erectile dysfunction. Ashwagandha powder increases and betters semen quantity, motility and quality. Thus, it helps the rate of fertility.

Treats Cancer

A research study indicated that Ashwagandha has cancer killing properties and it is emerged as a new alternative to treat cancer along with radiation and chemotherapy. It also reduces chemotherapy side effects without disturbing tumor cells killing activity.

Improves blood production

Ashwagandha is found to be having blood cells producing properties (Hematopoiesis). Clinically it has been shown that after administering the patient with Ashwagandha both red and white blood cells counts increased significantly. As it increases human red blood cells, the condition like Anemia is prevented.

Alleviates ocular diseases

The anti-oxidant and cryoprotective properties of Ashwagandha fights against cataract diseases, thus reduces the ocular ailments.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Ashwagandha is effective in dealing with rheumatologic problems. It acts as a Cyclooxygenase inhibitor which reduces inflammatory condition and pain. It has been researched and found that Ashwagandha anti-inflammatory property comes from saponins, alkaloids, lactones present in it.

Side effects of Ashwagandha

Though the herb is being an instrumental in many diseases, still it possesses a few side effects at the higher dose. Hypoglycemia, Drowsiness, hyperthyroidism, bowel inflammation and pregnant women must refrain from the herb to avoid premature delivery.

Such a powerful product is available online and retailer outlets. However, users must be careful with the product’s quality and seller’s reputation.