Are You on Trend? How to Stay Modern with Must-Not-Miss Mobile App Development Trends

If there is one thing that modern app development companies have to be, it is on trend. The mobile app market changes fast and, if you are not following all the “cool”, new trends, you will soon find you are missing out on customers too. However, not every “trend” actually matters and you do not want to disappoint your clients by picking the “funky” ones, above those that actually matter.

So, here is a few top new trends that you must make sure you are embracing. These trends will stay the distance and enhance your user experience. The app market is growing daily (from 180 billion downloads in 2015 to 260 billion in 2016) and you do not want to lose out on such opportunities.

Android Wins Big

If you are debating which platform to concentrate on first, the answer will likely be Android. Google Play currently shows in the region of two timesthe downloads of the iOS app store, even though Apple apps tend to bring in more revenue.


If you are wondering why, it is primarily due to the rise of the significant markets in Asia and Latin America, where Android smartphones are king. Playing to these markets may well be your best strategy; although, the aim of your project ultimately needs to dictate which way to go first.

Go Cross Platform Where Possible

Having said that, 2017 will see more focus on easy, cross-platform apps. Failing to meet one side of the app world is a critical mistake that app development companies make which leaves a sour taste in the mouths of the customers who cannot access what they want due to their phone running iOS.

Likewise, it is becoming even more common for a single individual to own more than one phone and people want the same functionality and to sync information on all their devices.

Look at frameworks like Cordova and AngularJS to make this simpler.

Kill the Fancy-Yet-Unnecessary Interfaces

The key to the modern interface that all app development companies need to drive towards is the user experience. Do not hide buttons behind flowery embellishments and make your most important calls-to-action hard to find.


While there is a trend that is driving a significant cross-over between artists, graphic designers and developers, this has to be done subtly and with the user experience at the core. The art you use should enhance your app and not distract your users.

Always Enhance the Security

The average user currently does not consider security a priority! This is no excuse for app developing companies to sit back and forget security too, however. Mobile phone purchasing is on the rise and much more private data is being disseminated on the mobile and pc platforms than ever before. So, security is becoming more and more critical and has to be at the centre of any app development company’s concerns.


The smartphone platform offers a lot of verification options built in, including face recognition and fingerprint and two-step authentication. Use these tools to improve your app’ssecurity architecture and keep your clients safe.

What About the Internet of Things?

Yes, this trend continues to grow strongly. People are loving an environment in which everything they own, from their watch to their kettles and their cars, can interact with each other across the Internet of Things (IoT).


So, think about improving efficiency and accuracy if you approach an IoT-based development and make it easier and faster for your consumers to access what they need to.

What Else Should App Development Companies Consider?

There are a few other areas on which to focus your attention.

For example, virtual reality has once again risen as a trend. While the technology is new and still a little buggy, there is certainly consumer interest there.

Also, the Chatbot craze may well be a passing phase, but it is becoming increasingly prevalent as a method of answering easy consumer questions. As for the communication or security features that app development companies should consider, interactive push notifications seem to be on the rise and consumers appear to respond favorably to these.

Lastly, but certainly not least, space-saving is becoming a critical feature in a lot of apps and is a nice selling point for consumers who are sick of running out of space on their phones.

The app market is huge with a ton of potential. Make sure your app development company thrives by bearing these trends in mind.

Tripti Bio: Bio: Currently writing for ChromeInfotech, one of India’s leading Mobile app Development Company, Tripti has written on relationships, career, and real estate in her past. But now she is focusing on decoding the mobile world with Ed Sheeran playing on a record in the background.