Are Golf Carts Street Legal?

Golf carts are very popular for getting around in a variety of places besides the golf course, so you may be wondering if these awesome carts are street legal. The truth is that they are legal in most states. Much of the legality of these machines has to do with all the accessories that they have or do not have. As with any motor vehicle, make sure you’re not under the influence while driving away from the 19th hole.

The carts are basically just like cars. If the cart you have or want to own is equipped with seat belts, lights, and blinkers, all you’ll need is a DMV registration with the VIN number. Once you have that, along with your personalized, ILUVGOLF license plate, you can cruise your neighborhood without worry. Image result for Are Golf Carts Street Legal?

Golf Cart Expenses

You will also need to purchase insurance for your new ride. The motorized carts are typically characterized as low speed vehicles or neighborhood electric vehicles. You may notice these carts buzzing around a great golf resort, retirement home, or campground, so it’s only a matter of time until they become more popular in busy areas. They provide great gas mileage and enough storage to get some groceries.
To purchase a pre-existing street legal cart, you will have to pay a hefty price for it. This is in comparison to the lower cost that is basically for getting around the links. The street worthy carts come with all of the aforementioned necessities, and some even have a little extra storage. With the right cart, you’ll have enough room to bring along some extra items like bicycles, luggage, grills, and of course, your sticks.
Golf Cart Upgrades

If you like a little DIY project, you can upgrade a regular cart to be legal on the streets. The great thing about this is that you can customize every aspect of the cart to your specific desires. As long as you have the basic necessities, you can turn your golf cart into your own personal vehicle. If you really do a good job with the upgrades, maybe you could be an Uber driver. Just imagine the fun you’ll have taking people to and from the course in your awesome new cart. 

To improve the speed of the cart, you can do the famous little tee in the throttle trick. You could also just get a better engine and a new exhaust. How awesome would it be to lay some rubber down with your clubs in tow? That may be every golfer’s dream, so make it your reality.

Golf Cart Maintenance

You never know when you’re real vehicle is going to break down or run out of gas, so trust your golf cart to get you there safely. If you live in the snowy areas of the world, you may also want to invest in some snow tires. Make sure to work with your insurance agency to ensure that you’re covered if an accident does occur. Have fun and hit the links then highway in your incredible motorized club cart.

If you love golf carts to the point of wishing you were selling them, you may want to check out the careers in golf that are available. You may be surprised at what you can find.