Anniversary pendant: A comprehensive buying guide

Your anniversary is around the corner and you’re still not able to decide what to buy for your wife? Out of all the jewelry, a pendant stands out of the rest. This is because it is a sophisticated piece and your wife would love to have one in her armoire. The beauty of the pendant lies in their beauty and appeal. She can wear it with any modern or traditional attire and it’s for sure that she’ll look out of the world when she wears it!

Tips to buy a pendant:

As you know that pendants are available both in offline and online stores, it’s overwhelming for a buyer to choose the best one. The online stores are getting more popular since they have got unique collections and the prices are quite affordable. You can visit as they’ve got some amazing pendant collections on their website. Now there are various factors to consider before buying a pendant. Some of them has been listed below:

The length of the chain

The length of pendants depends on the width of the neck. However, it’s not easy to make out the right length especially if the purchase is made online. But there’s a thumb rule for making the purchase- Buy pendants two to three inches more than the thickness of your neck.

Check out the neckline

As you are already aware of the occasion, you must also know about the outfit that your wife will be wearing. Pendants should be brought keeping in mind the dress neckline. Different pendants suit different necklines. For example, short pendants go well with halter necks, pendants with narrowing end looks good with V-neck dresses, chokers look good with strapless dresses and collar dresses.

Consider the body type

This is the most ignored factor, to be honest. People fail to realize that body size matters as far as pendants are concerned. Plus size or tall women will need a long and eye-catching pendant, whereas chokers or short length pendants is a great choice for petite and slim women.