Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

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All those who depend on mobile communications will get a great kick out of the brand new Jawbone Bluetooth Headset from the San Francisco based company Aliph. This headset delivers top notch sound quality to both the user and the person that he or she is communicating with. It does not matter if you are walking down a noisy street, listening to music, or are surrounded by loud noises such as a lawnmower or kitchen appliances – you will still get crisp sound and the background noise will remain far in the background for both the speaker and the listener.

The sound technology on all Jawbone devices has been optimized for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is the United States of America’s research and development agency of the Department of Defense, in order to maximize the affectivity and clarity of communications in extremely hostile conditions. That is right – this sound technology is meant to be used in a state of war. It thus guarantees that it will be able to identify the speaker’s voice and separate that voice from whatever noise may be occurring in the background.

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With Bluetooth headset designs, sound quality is not always up to par – at least that has been the case in our experience. That does not mean that all Bluetooth headsets sound bad. But the quality does vary from headset to headset. But it is clear that Aliph took great care in designing the sound on their Jawbone Bluetooth Headset.

Hosain Rahman and Alex Asseily, the founders of Aliph who attended Stanford University, have explained on their website that they believe the human voice will become the most vital interface on mobile devices, and that the creation of a noise free environment is thus vital for the evolution of the technology as well as the assurance of a quality mobile communications experience.

It is not hard to see how that philosophy has been put in to action on the Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset. This device boasts a range of nearly thirty feet and also has a long battery life. No matter what your ears are like, chances are great that the Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset will be a perfect fit, as the device comes with a variety of curved ear hooks as well as different styles of ear buds. One drawback is that it can take time to get the device on the ears. But once you do get it on, the Jawbone Bluetooth Headset wears rather well. It is not overbearing, either – it weighs only fourteen grams and is average in size.

Another minor flaw is the fact that the attachments on the Jawbone seem to be less rugged than the device itself. One of the ear buds was already broken when we received our test kit of the Jawbone for the purposes of this review. While attached to the device, one of the ear hooks that came with the Jawbone Headset broke off. Visit casino no deposit bonus for all latest casino bonuses and free incentives for new players.

Otherwise, the Jawbone Headset is a great device.