Why is Agile team demanded by the top management?

Organizational functions and culture goes through some continuous changes every time. New and newer things are evolving and they are well supported with differential concepts. Each of such concepts are making changes at the organizational level. One such thing is the csp certification – The agile team. This is a highly energetic and super skilled team of experts with a perfect team network and perfect working procedure. These two things are making the management teams focus on the practice. Just go through the differential features of the team and then agile management online training, you will understand, why management is preferring the practice.

Team structure

Team of experts is very much important for the final output. A team is not only meant for the quantity of the output, but also for the quality. The last thing is managed very well by the team of agile members. At every level of the team, there is a chance to check what is going on and what the product quality developed is. Just go through the three phases of the team –

  • Developer – They are the actual developers of the team and they are controlled by nit a single but two leaders. One of them looks after the team and its operation, while the other one cares the product output and its quality.
  • Scrum master – He is the team manager of the entire operation. He will be taking care of the production unit and making the developers ready for their action. Delivering essential training, they need and procuring their resources to make out the best sprint planning ‘is the job role of this team leader.
  • Product owner – He is the product leader of the team. The output quality of the product is assigned by him. He works not on the basis of any sort of intervention, but by relying on the demand of the stakeholders on the product quality.

If you analyze the above things, few very bottom line things are very much clear to you. Just collect them all.

Bottom line things of a Scrum Team

  • First of all, since the product leader is constantly in touch with the stakeholders, there is no chance of product quality mismatch with requirement.
  • Hence there will be no wastage in terms of product quality.
  • Output of the developers is assigned by the scrum master. The product quality requirement and other things are translated down the line, making it sure that the quantity and the quality is matched with the expectation and also with the time frame.
  • Hence, the total thing is much more synchronized and organized in case of agile team. A constant look up, both in the horizontal and vertical direction makes the work much more simple for all and of course, for the company.

This are the core reasons, why the management of different companies are constantly looking for agile team. At the starting that was confined to small or middle sized companies, but now with LESS, that has moved to upper line too.