Advantages of Travelling Solo

Travelling is fun

„Voyage, voyage“, „travelling, travelling“ or „Bon Voyage” are all lines of several songs that focus on tripping. Madonna, the queen of pop, sang about “La Isla Bonita”, another band about “One night in Bangkok”. So it is always a pleasure to travel around the world. Reading books, but also travelling is good for education. Getting to know other places, cities and landscapes is nice, important and makes you feeling free.

Some people rather like to travel in a group, other prefer to travel on their own. There are a few advantages if you travel alone. First of all, you are more independent from the will of a partner. You do not have to take care for another person, if it is your mother, friend, father, daughter, son, brother or sister. As single person you can do whatever you want. Nobody can tell you when, how and where you have to go. Besides you can only follow your own taste and interests. Only your habits and favorite destinations count. You don’t have to make appointments and have to wait for somebody.

Sometimes it just can be easier to travel alone. Maybe you can get in contact with natives faster and easier. Other advantages of travelling solo are freedom, a sense of independence and liberty. But sometimes travelling can also be dangerous, tiring and embarrassing.

Exotic countries, city trips and beach holiday

If you have just finished school, no matter if High School or college, it can be very nice to take a gap year for travelling around. Some prefer exotic countries like India, Sri Lanka or New Zealand, other just want to stay in an exciting city such as the melting pot and Big Apple New York, the British capital London or the beautiful Paris. You can buy edreams flights here, whether you want to go to Sydney, Munich or Barcelona.

On a travel by yourself you can test your own abilities and talents. On your own, you are more flexible and can react quicker to situations, circumstances and surroundings. It will give you a lot of confidence to travel alone. It is likely that you are not so scared of certain things any more. You get to know interesting people and their hostility. However, for sure the advantages of travelling solo are bigger than the disadvantages. To see white beaches and the blue ocean by yourself or the famous, incredible and amazing sights of cities like N.Y. or London cannot be topped by anything. By travelling solo you don’t have to tell anybody what to do next and make your own decisions.