Addiction and dependence potential of Modalert

Modalert is the genuine term for Modafinil. In 1970s Professor Michel Jouvet and neurophysiologist with Lafon Laboratories conducted an experiment from which Modafinil was discovered. Adrafinil which was involved the experiment was first offered as an experimental treatment for narcolepsy in 1986. Modafinil is a major metabolite of Adrafinil. Modafinil was approved by the US FDA since 1994 in France under the name Modiodal and in the US under the name Provigil.

A pilot study conducted in 2009 has found that Modafinil (Modalert from Sun Pharma), which is a wakefulness-promoting agent used to treat narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and SWD by blocking dopamine transporters and increasing dopamine level in the nucleus accumbens, which researchers suggested are the potential action for abuse and dependence. The question still remains unanswered, that is Modalert addictive or is it a potential treatment to treat cocaine addiction?

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The addiction and dependence liability of Modalert is reported very low. Studies have found Modafinil to have similar biochemical mechanisms with other addictive stimulant drugs and other studies have reported it to elevate mood enhancing. Modafinil is classified as by the US FDA as a schedule IV controlled substance, meaning it is a drug which can only be bought under prescription. It has been noted that psychological dependence upon Modalert is involved only when there is an overdose of Modalert.

Are Online Pharmacies Trustworthy?

There is a lot of risks to be considered when you buy Modalert from overseas pharmacies without prescriptions. The US custom is alert about these online vendors and is always on thelookout for their shipments. There is only one way to find out that a pharmacy in trustworthy is to reads its review first. The most trustworthy products of Modafinil are from Sun Pharmaceuticals. If you want cheap Modalert online you can order from There are many other online pharmacies where you can buy Modalert, and as well as from They have a very loyal customer base and their products are top qualities as their manufacturer is Sun Pharmaceuticals.

Benefits of Modalert

  • Modalert have helped people with narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and excessive daytime sleepiness by helping to promote wakefulness and alertness
  • It has shown many results to promote concentration and memory recalling abilities in students and people suffering from ADHD
  • Even people suffering from neurological fatigue due to multiple sclerosis have reported improvement in their symptoms.
  • Modalert is known as an appetite suppressor which is very useful for the weight loss
  • It has also been reported by some patients that Modafinil has mood enhancing qualities which promotes concentration, motivation and good mood.  

Where to buy Modalert?

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