A Trip to Iceland: Top 5 Attractions You Can’t Skip

Iceland in our representation is the country of elves, geysers, and its inhabitants – descendants of mighty Vikings. We call it the country of ice and imagine that there is very cold, but in fact, the average temperature in January is -4 C.

Lack of the railroads – not a hindrance. For traveling in the wild untouched nature of the central part of Iceland will need to rent a SUV, and in order not to go astray – to use services of the local guide including the fact that bridges through the rivers are absent. The best choice is the car rentals at Reykjavik Airport.

Through the territory of Iceland laid a lot of interesting tourist routes, moving on which you can see almost all the main attractions of Iceland. You cannot skip the following sights:

The world-famous Valley of Geysers, which means “Hawk Valley”, is located in southern Iceland, about 100 km east of Reykjavik. There are the most famous geysers – Geysir and Strokkur. The last is translated as “milkchurn,” so named because of his restlessness – it erupts every 5-10 minutes. There are many hot springs and a very beautiful lake Blaisy, which is actually a crater of two “sleeping” geysers”. The Valley is included in the “Golden Ring” – a popular tourist route in the Southern Iceland.

Blue Lagoon is a unique place and the world famous geothermal spa being the only place on the planet of this kind. Famous lagoon waters actually have a blue tint that almost merges with the beautiful sky of Iceland. It is located on the peninsula called the Reykjanes in the south-west of the country. The complex of a volcanic origin has the unique medical and revitalizing properties.  You can swim here even in winter: deep-water reservoirs throughout the year maintain a comfortable temperature from + 37 ° C to + 40 ° C.

There is no more mysterious place in Iceland, than area around the volcano Askya. Its height is 1510 meters and the volcano is still active. The deepest lake of Iceland Öskjuvatn was formed there in its caldera. The trail around the lake is very long and narrow; it surrounds ideally round forms of the lake. Its length is about 8 kilometers. You should not walk on the trail if there is the slightest breeze on top. In the mountains that surround this mysterious place, there is the impressive canyon of the Dragons.

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Thingvellir is the valley and National park at the same time which is an important historical sight of Iceland. Rift Valley is the main attraction of the national park. In the park, there are about 150 species of plants and about 50 species of animals. There are plenty of hills covered with snowcaps. Within the park flows the river Öxarára, which ends in a waterfall Öxarárfoss. It is usually said that Reykjavik is the head of Iceland, and Thingvellir – its heart.

Perhaps the most unusual and interesting building in Iceland is the acting Lutheran Church with the unpronounceable name Hallgrímskirkja. Church is located in the center of Reykjavik. To put it mildly the building, unusual on architecture, is visible practically from any point of Reykjavík. It is both the largest church and the fourth tallest building in the country. Topped 73-meter tower with a massive “wings”, Hallgrímskirkja makes a fantastic impression.

Actually, the main attractions of this unusual country are not historical and architectural monuments, but its unique nature. The special charm of provincial towns, roofs covered with green grass, a pleasant sensation of bathing in hot waters and a huge number of fantastic photos will always remain with you after visiting this t country.