A Swiss Alp Jewel: Zermatt Matterhorn – See It All, Do It All!

At more than 4,400metres, the majestic Zermatt Matterhorn creates a breathtaking Alpine panorama that once you’ve seen it, Europe’s most famous icon, you’ll never forget it. This Swiss symmetric pyramid shapelandmark looms over thea automobile-fee town, where walking is the norm, and ski slopes all around. Situated at western Swiss Canton of Valais border, you’ll find Breuil-Cervinia, the Italian resort and Zermatt, that picture perfect town.

What images as a rocky tooth that is reaching the sky and offers light reflections from Stellisee is what makes the Matterhorn’s a spectacle landscape of unique nature in Zermatt. It is here people from all around the globe come to relax, ski, and become one with Zermatt Matterhorn and all it includes.

Not Just Skiing and Snow At Zermatt Matterhorn!

There is so much more than skiing and snow here. A variety of activities and attractions are the Matterhorn, like the top excursion of Gornergrat. A three-thousand meter mountain ridge. You can soak in the unforgettable view of the Matterhorn from a perfectly position platform. The world that surrounds the beautiful mountain is as breathtaking.

Or travel to the Rothorn and capture a view of the Matterhorn glacier paradise during the summer and you may never want to leave! Open all year long, even once summer has passed, there is so much more to do and see. Learn the history at the Matterhorn Museum and become intrigued as you learn how Zermatt developed in to the holiday resort of the Alpines it is today.

For The Hiking Enthusiasts – Zermatt Is Home Away From Home

In 1865, the team of Edward Whymper completed the first ascent of the Matterhorn in July. Many before them had made attempt, all to no avail. Today, the trip is as easy as it is popular. The Hörnligrat,, traveling via Hörnli Hut into Zermatt. Instead of taking a cable car up the mountain, take the challenge and climb the Matterhorn.

Enjoy Local Cuisine After Your Hike

Enjoy Italian regional tastes at 3100 Kulm hotel Gornergrat – Panorama self with a fresh salad, cold or hot meals, and a panoramic view. Or, just 2200 meters above Zermatt is The Adler Hitta. Authentic foods to refuel the body after a day on the hiking trail and ski slope.

Bring the kids and enjoy Wolli in the Village, mascot of Zermatt. This adventurous, young black nose sheep is the friend to everyone that comes to visit. Then mom and dad, the Zermatt Festival is very special A completely different way to enjoy each concert.