A learning note on auto fuel & emission parts

When the whole world is running after controlling pollution, you can do your part by keeping a regular check on the auto fuel & emission parts of your vehicle. An ill-maintained fuel and emission system of an automotive vehicle could cause a lot of pollution along with causing other inherent problems to the vehicle itself. It is this very much important that proper maintenance of the fuel and emission parts is being done from time to time.

Before you walk into a garage asking the mechanic to do proper servicing of the auto fuel & emission parts of your vehicle, it is important that you learn about the various parts yourself first. That is when you would be able to understand whether the servicing was done properly or not.


The fuel supply system

The fuel supply system of any automotive vehicle is responsible for storing and supplying the fuel to the engine. The major parts of the fuel supply system include the fuel storage tank, the fuel pump, fuel filter, the carburetor, inlet manifold and the inlet valve. While the fuel storage tank’s function is store the fuel inside the vehicle, the purpose of the fuel filter is very critical. It helps in getting rid of any unwanted dirt particles that could be in dissolved state in the fuel.

Another very important part of the fuel system of a vehicle is the carburetor. It is the device that is responsible for mixing the air with the fuel and supply the mixture to the engine. There are different types of carburetors available in the market. The job of pumping the fuel from the fuel storage tank to the carburetor is being looked after by the fuel pump.

The emission system

The emission system of a car is primarily responsible for emitting the exhaust gases from the engine to the outside of the car. One of the most important emission parts of an automotive vehicle is the catalytic converter. It helps in reducing air pollution by converting the toxic pollutants and gases in the exhaust gas to less toxic pollutants by means of redox reactions. Other important emission parts of a vehicle include the exhaust pipe, the heat shield, the muffler or the silencer, exhaust gasket, exhaust manifold and the exhaust clamp.

It is very important to have the auto fuel & emission parts in proper shape as any deterioration here would lead to the following problems.

  • Difficulty in starting the engine
  • Slow acceleration of the vehicle
  • Excessive engine smoke
  • Noticeable odor from fuel exhaust gases
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Increased engine smoke

Now that you have learn about the various auto fuel & emission parts, you should ensure that you carry out the emission testing process at periodic intervals to understand if your vehicle’s fuel and emission system is working properly or not.