A Growing Market for Online Sports Betting

Despite efforts being made through initiatives such as Gamstop to slow the growth of online betting and gambling options, a growing number of betting sites not on Gamstop have become available in a short period of time over recent years showing just how big the online sports betting market has become – but what has helped it grow so quickly, and who are some of the biggest drivers of this online space?

Diversity in choice ­– One of the biggest factors is within the diversity of choice now available for what can be bet on, as just about everything is covered. Your favourite football matches? Of course. The growing esports scene? More coverage than ever. Your more niche favourite in bowls? You’ll find that too. Previously you’d only be able to bet on what the bookies had on offer at the time and with so many daily events it was hard to keep track of all of them at once, even early online betting options didn’t have the full flow of information to keep track either – but now we do, and now just about anything you can think about betting on will likely have odds, bringing much more diversity to the market.

(Image from sporttechie.com)

Ease of access – Another big attributing factor is now within the ease of use and access too – with apps on our phones and a growing number of sites available to take part in betting, it only takes a couple of clicks to place however many bets you’d like across this wider diversity of choices, because of this many different operators have found reduced traffic to brick and mortar locations but a dramatic uptick in online presence at the same time–with recent changes to app marketplace policies too, there’s a growing opportunity for more operators to make the change for dedicated smartphone apps without fearing losing a huge portion of deposits due to the tariff placed on them.

Streaming and broadcasting – A large part of the excitement from sports betting comes with viewing the games and matches, but due to the growth of online streaming platforms this has also become much easier than before – we’ve also seen big on-demand services such as Amazon Prime even purchase the rights to stream football and rugby so fans aren’t tied to live television services which have long been required for viewers – the interaction that comes with livestreaming and live chat has also been a huge enhancement for the viewing experience, and have also been a big driving factor for the rise of sports betting in other markets.

There has also been a big movement in recent years for more integration of betting platforms within services that have already been offered too – this is mostly being seen in the growing world of esports, as pseudo-betting platforms such as pick’ems have become very popular amongst the gaming fans – widespread success here could see wider adoption of similar themes and play types similar to fantasy leagues, but with more integration in to the platforms themselves.