8 ways to make your friendship day an unforgettable affair


“Friends are the family you choose”.

Yes, from childhood to adulthood, every friend that you make holds a special importance in your life. Be it your childhood buddy or your college buddy, every friend is the ‘Best’ to you. For all your best buddies, Friendship Day is the perfect occasion to shower your undying affection upon them and to express your love towards them. So, here are a few ways to celebrate Friendship Day with your dearest friends.

Spend Time With Your Friends

This Friendship day, groove into your own tunes with your best friend. Take out some time from your hectic schedule and dedicate this day to your best friend who have sailed the roughest waters with you. Have unlimited talks while enjoying a cup of coffee or try out something that you have never done with your best friend. Well, its completely up to you.

Surprising your friends with gifts

Who doesn’t like surprises? So, this Friendship day make sure you surprise them with athoughtful Friendship Day gift.Topping the list are teddies, flowers, cakes and chocolate hampers. You can order cakes, flowers and other gift items online through reputed online florists like FlowerAura that offers online delivery of cakes, flowers and gift items. Choosing fancy gifts can be amazing but make sure you add a meaningful card crafted by you. Besides, you can scroll through some DIY gift ideas and bag a tight hug from your best friend on this special day.

Go for a dinner with your friends

Another way of celebrating Friendship Day is to plan a dinner with your nearest friends. It’s more fun if you have friends who are mad over foods. Go to a restaurant and gorge on some heavenly food with your squad. And yes, don’t forget to make the dinner memorable with a dessert.

SMS or call your best friends

No matter where your close friends live, this friendship day take the lead to honor them for adding infinite smiles to your life. Compose a message by yourself and send it your friends to make them feel special. You can also call your dear friends and plan something for the day.

A movie date with your bestie

Book tickets for a good movie in advance and let your best friend be amazed by your surprise. Spend a great time with your bestie having popcorn while watching the movie and a lots of happy talks.

Go for shopping with your pals

One of the most fun way to celebrate Friendship Day with your best friends is going for shopping followed by a lunch. Enhance your friendship-day celebrations by shopping at great friendship day deals.

Plan a trip with your best friends

This friendship day, take a off from your busy routine and plan something out of the box and go tripping with your best friends in a picturesque place. Vacationing with your friends will make the bond you share with your friends stronger.

A house party with best friends

This Friendship Day, how about inviting your best buddies for a sleepover at your place? Rejoice the old times with your friends by watching movies till late night and playing some games. Enhance the celebrations with chocolates, cold drinks, chips and other food items.

These were some interesting and fun ways to celebrate Friendship Day with your best friends. So, don’t waste the chance to create undying memories with your best friends.