7 Utterly Delicious Edible Flowers You Must Definitely Taste

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature’.

―Gerard de Nerval

Truly, flowers are the nature’s most beautiful gift that has been showered upon mankind. The enchanting and beautiful blooms make this world heavenly. From delighting your mood to beautifying your garden, flowers make your life happier by its presence. But, do you know flowers also make a perfect treat for your taste buds? Yes, flowers can also add exotic flavors to your meals and make them more delicious even with online flower delivery. With more than 100 types, flowers serve you in the most delicious way. Here is a list of seven edible flowers that can be used in the culinary art to create heavenly dishes:


This flower truly deserves to be the world’s most popular flower. This quintessential flower that depicts love in a relationship is also a great edible flower that will leave you mesmerized by its flavors. Although this flower is available in a rainbow of colors, however, the darkest petals are believed to give the most delightful flavor. Rose petals are mostly used to flavor honey, beverages, and jams.


Lavender is a versatile herb which is used in cooking for its sweet and refreshing flavor.These blooms are known for its heavenly scent are used in a variety of foods. Lavenders have a distinctive floral taste and that’s why it is used to flavor sweet dishes, sauces, marinades, and beverages.


Hibiscus or shoe flower is famous for its flavor in all over the world. It has a cranberry-like flavor and thus, is mostly used as an enhancer to prepare soothing cocktails. With a great taste, it also has anti-oxidants which are even higher than green teas. That’s why consuming a hibiscus tea can is considered highly beneficial for health.


Dandelion blooms are completely edible and have a sweet taste like honey. These can be either eaten raw or steamed. Dandelion is also used in garnishing pasta and other dishes. But the most delicious dish that you can prepare using these blooms are Dandelion fritters or pakode and enjoy it in the springtime.


These flowers have a sweet flavor and are used in a number of dishes as a garnishing element. Violas are available in a variety of colors which are used in decorating cakes. These blooms are also used for garnishing salads.

Squash blossoms

Although all types of squash blooms are edible, however, the most popular ones are the one that comes from the male flower of the Zucchini. These flowers can be eaten raw when put in a salad. These large yellow flowers also make a great stuffing and taste the best when fried deep.


Clover flowers are rich in nutrients and minerals that taste sweet and delicious. White Clover is rich in protein and is used to prepare honey. Red Clover has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and thus used for cancer prevention. Red Clover is also used in preparing tea which is highly beneficial for the human body.

These were seven best edible flavors that can make your dining table look more tempting and healthy at the same time. All you need to do is to shop these flowers from a florist shop but if you want freshly picked flowers then you should opt for online flower delivery. For example, if you want an online flower delivery in Dehradun then, search on the internet to find the best florists shop so that you can get your flowers delivered to your doorstep via an express delivery.