7 Simple Tips to Shed Fat & Stay In Shape

There is nothing more fun in life than walking around in a cute outfit enjoying living in a body that is completely strong and healthy that goes jogging every morning and that looks great doing it. There is a lot more to vanishing that fat covering your abs into thin air than following the traditional rules of diet and exercise. So you are doing everything right; Your fridges are stocked with all of the healthy low-fat commercial foods on the market, as well as three heads of iceberg lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries and yogurt; If the experts say it is healthy and low fat, you got it in your fridge.

Along with all this healthy eating, you go to the gym for an hour a day four days a week and live it up on the treadmill with your Spotify playlists of cardio pumping motivating songs going to 16th beat time signature music. Still, the clothes are not getting bigger and the scale is not moving. You have to put the work in, And you have to be selective on which sources you take advice from.

Cardiovascular Exercising

Cardiovascular exercising burns fat. Everybody knows that; and everybody knows that walking, running, bicycling, dancing among a thousand other daily activities can be transformed into a cardiovascular workout. To shred fat and see those abs you have to get the heart pumping until you feel your muscles accumulating lactic acid build-up, it will feel like your muscles are tightening. Do not measure your time unless you are on your lunch break but instead go until muscular failure.

Weight or Resistance Training

Fitness professionals are not trained to promote weight-bearing exercises for weight loss but muscles strengthened through consistent exercising routines raises the metabolism dramatically. Ankle and wrists weights can be strapped on while on the treadmill, stair master or walking outside.

Super Setting

Supersets will instantly cause that layer of fat hiding those shredded muscles to vanish like magic. Supersets will get that cardio moving and metabolism going like a fire engine. The super setting is exercising two muscle groups at once. Example; Using a barbell does an overhead lift than when you bring the barbell down, do a lunge on each leg.

Cut Sugar

You can eat all the calories you want especially if you are living it up at the gym as long as the calories are not made of sugar. Sugar is a water retainer more so than salt. Artificial sweeteners will allow you to get muscle definition whereas regular sugar blocks it. Although artificial sweeteners are a good replacement it is better to pinpoint why you crave something sweet.

For most people, the sugar cravings are conquered by adding something to their diet and usually all they need to add are raw green leafy vegetables. Simple iceberg lettuces leaves will do the magic trick.


Taking the right supplements is essential when you are putting extra demands on your body through physical exercising and especially for anyone choosing a vegan diet. You cannot depend on food along to give your body adequate nutrients while you are demanding more of your body through physical exercising, or you will oversleep and get common colds more often. L-carnitine is an effective supplement for converting fat into energy. Your body already has L Carnitine constantly converting fat into energy.

The best l carnitine supplements are the ones that contain glycine which is an amino acid that creates proteins in the body. It is extremely important that women are careful where they buy this product and research L-carnitine products thoroughly before taking them.

Keto Diet

The food choices and restrictions in the Keto Diet has been used by professional male and female bodybuilders for decades when they were 6 weeks out from the competition to shred. The Keto diet dramatically drops the amount of insulin in the body. Insulin is the most important necessity for creating fat and sending fat into the body’s cells.

The Keto diet cuts out carbs resulting in substantial and immediate weight loss. As the Keto diet diminishes fat cells the body is way more responsive to exercising for fat loss.

Run from Commercial Low Fat Products


In the late ’80s, the feds decided they were going to reform the fitness industry when it did not even need any fixing. Besides telling all of us that full situps caused back strain they invented the low-fat pandemic. The keywords “low-fat” were everywhere, and could not be avoided. And the obesity rates in people escalated. Joint lubricating fats were replaced with sugar.

Every one of us can walk around with under 20% body fat and feeling strong and healthy. But it does take effort and exercising that reaches beyond your body’s comfort zone. It is not going to happen automatically. These are 7 easy strategies that you can fit easily fit into your life and get started on it right now.