7 Reasons Business Use CCTV

Being an entrepreneur comes with many benefits but also challenges. Any entrepreneur needs to take security measures to protect their business and investments. For small and medium-sized enterprises, surveillance cameras are one of the security components that offer better protection and convenience at a reasonable price. Cameras are not only an excellent tool to record potential thieves but have other advantages that make them the perfect complement to any business, whether public or private.

There are many reasons why you should consider installing a CCTV security system. Here are seven reasons why you’ll want to get one for your company.

Watch Your Business Remotely

It is impossible for any entrepreneur to always be at their business site; however, many would like to know what is happening there at all times. Security cameras solve precisely this problem. Most surveillance cameras allow you to see in real-time what they are recording, through an internet connection. Therefore, you’ll have access to what’s happening at your office, store or warehouse at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone or computer and an internet connection.

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Deter a Potential Thief

A CCTV system can make a thief think twice before carrying out what he has in mind. In many cases, to avoid being caught, a thief will prefer to try another business that doesn’t have security cameras. Even if the person is already perpetrating the robbery, they will feel more nervous knowing that the cameras are recording them.

Protect Your Business At All Times

Some types of security cameras can connect to an alarm system in case of a breach. In this case, the CCTV system can send a signal to the business owner or to a nearby police station (if configured for it), possibly thwarting the crime on the spot. On the other hand, supervising security cameras near the cash registers or other points of interest, such as the warehouse, can let you know if any of the employees are taking something without permission. Additionally, you can use CCTV to detect safety failures, work accidents and work absenteeism.

Have Recorded Evidence

Having a recording can be very useful as evidence before a judge or the police in case you make a complaint. It will also help a lot if you need to identify a suspect since current security cameras provide high-resolution images. For any claim, complaint or investigation, a CCTV recording can be your best ally.

Save Money On Your Insurance Policy

Insurers significantly reduce insurance policy fees if certain conditions are met. If your business has a video surveillance system, you could negotiate discounts on the insurance contract. Therefore, if at first, you feel that a CCTV can be too high of an investment, you can consult with your insurance company to know how much the reduction might be. 

Make Your Employees and Customers Feel Safe

Installing security cameras can provide peace of mind for your employees. Knowing that they will have protection against possible threats and accusations is an excellent way to motivate them to do their work honestly.

Security also helps attract and retain customers. A person will always prefer a business with safety systems, especially with CCTV, since they know every safety incident will be recorded. This way, customers will feel more secure and undoubtedly become frequent customers.

They Represent a Unique and Safe Investment

Unlike a security guard, security cameras do not require a monthly payment. Also, it is common to hear that criminals have arranged with the guards to steal from a business; with a CCTV system, this cannot happen. Security cameras are always working and ensuring the safety of businesses, employees and customers.

A video surveillance system is an excellent investment for the security of your business, and these reasons are more than enough to encourage anyone to install one.