7 Popular Online Shopping Categories in Lebanon

If you’re doing your online shopping in Lebanon sites, your chances of finding what you’re looking for is high because almost everything is offered now in online shops. So, what you need to do is just find the right site, which you think is safe and is offering the best in terms of privacy, price, or even money-back guarantee.

To find the items you want to buy much faster, looking into categories is a must. Here are some common ones you’ll find online:

  1. For this category, you’ll find an array of items. There are small and large appliances you can choose from – blenders, coffee makers, dryers, electric kettles, freezers, grills, juicers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, water dispensers, and wine coolers. They also have musical instruments such as drums, guitars, pianos, and keyboards.

Are you looking for cameras? You’ll find DSLR, digital and sport types. They also have drones, security systems, telescopes, and binoculars. There are also flashes, lenses, and other camera accessories. Remember when shopping for electronics online, read reviews, look for certifications, compare prices, and ask about the warranty.

  1. Mobiles and tablets. This category is one of the most popular ones because of the evolution of smartphones. The market for the items in this is large – from kids to teenagers to adults, which is why companies are offering so much. If you look into this category, you’ll find mobiles. The most popular brands to choose from are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Nokia, and Honor.

There are also tablets offered by some of the same brands. If you’re looking to replace your landlines, some shops offer them as well. There are also accessories like headsets, screen protectors, chargers, cases, power banks, and Bluetooth devices. It’s advisable to learn about the product features first before buying so you’ll know what to expect once you receive the item.

  1. A favorite of women because they just can’t get enough of the items they see. The accessories to choose from are endless – from scarves to hair clips, to wallets, socks, hats, sunglasses, and beach towels. There is also a wide selection of bags, shoes, and watches. And of course, clothing including shirts, tank tops, skirts, shorts, and trousers, all available in different sizes.

Men also have a lot to choose from if they want to shop for similar items. Moms can also shop for their kids. Some featured Lebanese designers in online shops are Anette, Ma Cherie, and Nad De Paris. A reminder – take note of the sizes when you order to avoid shipping it back just to get a replacement.

  1. Sports and Leisure. If you’re into sports, then it will be a delight to look into this category. Are you into basketball? There are shirts, shorts, tank tops, and some basketball accessories. They have items for those who love boxing, football, and tennis. Do you want to go outdoors?

Here are a few items you can buy from online stores – camping necessities, items for hiking, boating and sailing supplies, diving gears, and swimming attires. If you want to buy exercise equipment, you can also look into treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes, and aerobic steppers. You can also complement these items with the right sports gear, accessories, clothing and footwear.

  1. Baby items. A heaven for moms because they can pretty much get anything their baby needs in one online shop. For the basic needs, they have diapers, clothing, skincare, feeding sets, and a few nursery items. For gears, they have bouncers, rockers, car seats, boosters, prams, walkers, strollers, and chairs.

For toddlers who are ready to play, moms can choose from a variety of toys including stuffed toys, dolls, action figures, building blocks, board games, dollhouses, puzzles, and electronic and educational toys. For outside play, there are swings, scooters, playhouses, ride-on, trampolines, and a few sports game accessories. Make sure that when you’re buying items for your little ones, choose the ones that are age-appropriate for them and approved by their pediatricians.

  1. Do you need items for your beauty regimen? No worries, they all have it online too. For your skincare needs, they have cleansers, eye pads and masks, under-eye patches, body lotions, tanning oils, face and lip masks, facial scrubs, sunscreen lotions, leg sprays, daily creams, and some skincare travel kits.

For your bath and body needs, they have hair removal items, bath and shower necessities, and hand and foot care items. for hair care, there are straighteners, curlers, and a few hair styling products. Some shops offer health care products such as blood pressure monitors, weighing scales, dental care items and some supplements.

  1. Home and kitchen. If you’re thinking of doing renovations on your home, then you can do the shopping online for convenience. You don’t have to queue for lines in the mall or get stuck in traffic or carry heavy items all by yourself. You can just get it all delivered, no sweat! So, what home décor items can you find under this category?

Here are a few – from the bed and bath section – blankets, bedspreads and sheets, pillows, throws, duvet sets, towels, storage items, and bedroom furniture; from the kitchen and dining section – utensils, table linens, glassware, kitchen gadgets, bakeware accessories, and cookware items.

Remember, when shopping online, prioritize your security especially in terms of payment, choose a reputable company, know the shop’s policies, and avoid offers that are too good to be true.