7.4V 1500mAh Battery & Batteries

You have made the top choice and now you need to know where to start. Well the essential thing to look at is the condition on your gearbox. This is going to be one of those times where you need to be very truthful with yourself. Is this gearbox in the best condition it can be? When was the previous time you shimmed the gearbox? When did you last grease the gearbox? If you have not taken the time to be sure you have no sound or play in your gears take that time now. You can pay later whenever a subtle oscillation turns into a spinning items of loss of life and removes your AEG in the center of sustained fire unless you.

The C ranking of your lithium polymer power supply denotes how much current you can draw out of a load up at a continuing rate. Example:

1600mah 10c power supply 1600mah/10000mah = 1.6ah 1.6ah x 10c = 16 amps

1000mah 20C Pack 1000mah/1000mah = 1ah, 1ah x 20c = 20 Amps

1500mah 25C Batteries 1500mah/1000mah = 1.5ah, 1.5ah x 25c = 37.5 Amps

So the higher your release rate (C Rating) the greater amperes you can drive out continuously. Leading to your motor having the ability to pull around it needs/can for a longer time. Most NIMH Batteries power are 10c.

First remove the second to previous tooth on the piston. Then shim the piston mind so the piston lines up exactly with the first tooth on the sector items. We have a guide HERE. You may also want to update all the other fun parts that want you to really have the gearbox and gun body open.

  • New more robust spring
  • New piston
  • New Piston Head
  • New air seal nozzle
  • New bucking
  • New interior barrel
  • Now this is not a little bit of work.

Then we can discuss MOSFET. MOSFET is a electro-mechanical move that (in simple terms) regulates voltage to your gearbox. You may cable one in, but if you go for a 7.4V 1500mAh Battery  it is only essential for ROF legislation, but if you are going for the 11.1 then you want to put one in. Installation and operation are part specific and come with detailed instructions.

Given that you have a fresh freshly shimmed tricked out gearbox now what? You will need to check out your connectors. Deans are one of the very most popular connectors because they have a lower resistance that the standard mini tamiya, and they are a soldered connection not really a crimped, that’s the reason many people transition to them. They do require solder but with a little time and patience that needs to be not problem for the average indivdual.

So now it boils down to the real deal 7.4V 1500mAh Battery  or 11.1. If you are confident in your work switching to a 11.1 is not a huge offer but this is an increased voltage and an extended sustained amperage which means this is for many who want the best rate of flames. If you’re just buying a longer play time then 7.4V 1500mAh Battery  should get you an interest rate of fire in between a 8.4 and 9.6 and with the improved internals any AEG will deal with a 7.4V 1500mAh Battery.

Plus we all know about air discharge. Nickel metallic hydride batteries are great if you impose them the night before but you’ll have to ask for them each time. There will be a little “air discharge” but with Lithium you get practically none.