6 Things You Shouldn’t Take on an Airplane

 If it’s your first time flying, you should familiarise yourself with the items which you shouldn’t take on the plane with you. Some items can go in your hold luggage to be stored underneath the plane, but when you’re packing your cabin bag to take with you onto the plane, you should be very careful about what you pack. You will take this bag through security to be scanned and you will be stopped if you carry any prohibited items. Depending on what the item is, it will be confiscated or you may be taken aside for extra scanning and searching.

  • Sharp objects

In general, you cannot take knives and other sharp objects onto the plane with you. Some countries will allow you to take knives if they are below a certain length, but you should check this before you do pack anything. Small tweezers and other cosmetic objects are allowed on planes, providing there are not excessively large or long.

  • Marijuana

You are prohibited from taking marijuana and any other drugs with you on a plane, even if you need it for medical purposes. If you absolutely need marijuana at your destination, you need to find another way of getting it there or look beforehand to see if you can access it easily near where you are travelling to.

  • Lighter fluid

You are normally allowed to take one lighter per person in your cabin luggage, but this must be kept on your person at all times. You are not allowed to bring extra bottles of lighter fluid, and if you want to bring items such as volcano vaporizers onto a plane, you should check with your airline beforehand to make sure you can take it on. If you can’t take it in your cabin luggage, you just need to make sure you have checked baggage allowance in which you can pack it.

  • Liquids over 100ml

You can take most liquids with you on a plane, but they must be in bottles no bigger than 100ml. You must then ensure that all your liquids fit into one single clear airtight bag (you can collect these for free at the airport). Items such as deodorants, lip balm, baby food, moisturisers and makeup are considered liquids and must all be packed within the required quantities.

  • Gunpowder

You are allowed to take certain weapons and firearms in your hold luggage, but you are strictly prohibited from taking gunpowder onto a plane either in your cabin luggage or checked luggage. Similarly, you are not allowed to take explosives or another kind, and even aerosols and other flammable liquids cannot be taken in your cabin luggage onto the plane among other passengers.

  • Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have been banned on planes, so if you’re planning to take any electrical equipment with you, you should check beforehand to see if they contain these batteries. This rule was implemented after a passenger brought headphones onto a plane which subsequently exploded, causing a risk.