5 Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

In today’s times, a number of avenues are available to help you make money. In the olden times, labour was limited to physical effort and sedentary tasks. Smartphones have not only changed the face of communication but also paved the way for people to earn within the comfort of their home. Your phone is your digital assistant. Why not make good use of it? You chat, click selfies, and upload pictures onto social media through your phone. It is high time you used your smartphone for purposes that will add to your bank balance. Here are 5 ways you can actually earn an honest penny albeit with a little less effort.

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Sell Off the Clutter

What does not serve any purpose in your house might be useful for others. Yes, we are talking about portals where you can sell things that you do not need, instead of disposing them of. Furniture, clothes, or electronic appliances—you name it and you can sell it. People have earned a hefty sum from such transactions. To be fair, ensure the items are in good condition. Switch from the selfie mode to the shoot mode and click pictures of the items you wish to put up for sale online.

Play Rummy

Card games are one of the quickest ways to earn money online. Rummy is legal in India and is hosted on a number of websites. All you need to do is sign up on any of these online rummy sites, and you are good to go. People have won cash prizes worth lakhs on such portals. Read through the terms and conditions related to an online rummy cash game before you start. Needless to say, you need to download a rummy game app on your smartphone. Most of these apps are compatible with the Android and iOS platforms.

Entertain yourself, Get Paid

While you mindlessly watch any video that comes by on YouTube, give a due thought to making money from this “(in)activity.” Did you know you get paid to watch videos and ads? There are a number of websites that let you earn a decent sum for shopping and answering surveys. People have earned millions from such websites. How do you go about doing this? Download the app version of these websites on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can write reviews for hotels and restaurants you visited recently. If you booked a room using your travel app, the review fetches you a certain amount in your account wallet.

Spend to Earn

Shopping excites one and all. What if you get paid to shop for items on your grocery list? You do not have to shop till you drop for this. All you have to do is finish a few tasks on a specialized app, go shopping, and upload the receipt onto the portal. Your account will then be credited with a certain amount. You can use this money to shop again. The tasks in question include games, surveys, and quizzes.

Just a Click Away

Keep your selfies for social media. Put on your shooting glasses to capture shots and earn points all the while you are on the move. There are apps that offer you money for uploading pictures you click. Once you download the app, you get notified of different tasks that you need to complete no matter where you are. For example, you might be instructed to take a picture of your bag. Perform this task and upload the picture onto the portal. This operation fetches you credits that you can redeem as gift cards or cash. Such apps, in fact, collect data from end users themselves to help organizations provide better products and services.