4 Steps To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

If you have been looking at videos and other Affiliate Marketing tutorials, you pretty understand how frustrating it gets at times when you don’t get the direct information you’re looking for. The reality is, it’s very simple to get involved in Affiliate Marketing. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Today we are going to explore three steps to get started in Affiliate Marketing.

  1. Education

This is the most important part of the process. We all know how important it is to get educated about anything that requires special skills and knowledge. The problem is getting the best education possible. You must learn how to find a good niche, build your blog properly and find affiliate products to promote online. Most Affiliate Marketers turn to one of two places for step by step information.

a. One is Wealthy Affiliate. This is a social network/online marketing course. You will be one of 800,000 people who are making money online through Affiliate Marketing. You will have access to members and instructors who are willing to give you plenty of insight and guidance in this business for free. Geek Hibrid does a really good Wealthy Affiliate Review on their blog. You can read about this community more through their blog.

b. The other platform is Affilorama. This is more of a standard lesson based platform that doesn’t have the social network element like Wealthy Affiliate does. You can get help but you have to submit a ticket to get help unlike Wealthy Affiliate where you are able to speak to many people to get the answer you’re looking for. However, I am aware that not everyone wants to be exposed to hundreds of thousands of people. Some people like to just get their information and be done with it. There’s also a great Affilorama Review by Geek Hibrid…you can look at this to gain a good perspective on both platforms and compare them for yourself.

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  1. Select Your Niche

Here you will be finding a niche that you’re knowledgeable of or you really are skillful at. You need to be very careful about which niche you choose to do. Things can get really difficult for you if you don’t select the right niche.

The people who choose a topic they care about are the ones who see the most success. Online studies have shown that most people who didn’t even care about “making money” but just sharing their ideas and passion with the world, are the ones who succeed online 90% of the time. Of course you can make money with any niche out there, but it’s best to choose something that you’re really attached to.

  1. Build Your Blog

This is where you will be building your blog around the niche you’ve selected. In today’s day and age, it’s really simple to build a site because you have many platforms out there that make this part of the process very easy for regular people who don’t know anything about coding or about building a website period.

It’s always recommended that you use WordPress because it’s one of the easiest platforms that enable you to just build a site in under 2 hours; one day max. It’s always useful to have a basic vision of how you would like for your site to look. This will determine which platform you will use online.

  1. Promote A Blog

This last phase puts it all together. Promote your blog everywhere you can. On Facebook, you should use your own profile so you can reach a wider audience. You can share your links pointing to your blog and help people see your blog.

Twitter is also a great place to turn to because you can reach an even wider audience. Using hashtags and reaching out to influential Twitter handles will help you reach audiences for free.

If you have a fashion blog, you can start a Pinterest account and start pinning away. Studies have shown that 85% of Pinterest consist of women. So if you have content that caters to women, then you must have a Pinterest account.

These are just tips that help get you going and start seeing traffic to your blog soon after you build it.

These are four of the most basic steps you can use to get started in affiliate marketing. It doesn’t matter what kind of blog you have or what kind of ideas you have, this is the model that you should be using to build your blog and get traffic pointing to your site.