4 Reasons Why You Ought To Consider Investing in Switzerland

Switzerland has a lot going for it, and as a result, it is becoming one of the top destinations for investors. Take, for example, the country’s economic stability. It gives investors the confidence that the money spent investing will probably yield a return.

Note also, that Switzerland has a conducive business model which makes it an appealing business center for MCNs (multinational companies). So much so that roughly 30% of the world’s biggest brands boast of offices in Switzerland.

Moreover, the country is home to 15 Fortune 500 companies. With those kinds of statistics, it is clear Switzerland provides a good environment for investing. Below are additional reasons why you ought to consider investing in the country.

1. A Favorable Taxation System

A harsh taxation system plays a key role in discouraging foreign investors. Bearing in mind that Switzerland is home to over 6500 foreign companies that provide jobs to about 15,000 Swiss and contributes to the GDP; the country has made a point to provide a favorable taxation system.

The idea is that the more favorable the tax system, the easier it will be for even more foreign companies to establish themselves. Note that in pursuit of this, the Swiss have established laws that ensure cantonal tax rate laws take precedence over federal ones.

As a result, each canton has the freedom to establish its own tax break laws for investment projects. Take, for instance, Zug and Slon; these cantons have tax rates as low as 1.78%. On the other hand, Basel has rates as high as 9.96% for a couple with two kids.

2. Available Social Benefits

Because Switzerland is one of the most affluent nations in the world, it can be pretty expensive to live in. However, the available social amenities far outweigh the living costs.

To start with; the public transportation system is excellent. Moreover, statistics indicate that the country has one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

With regards to education, the Swiss education system is perfect for raising multilingual children thanks to the four official languages in the country.

Also, because of how much respect the Swiss education system engenders, children who study in the country have a high chance of attending world renown universities, R&D institutions, and technical institutes.

Finally, the country enjoys a high level of personal safety and has been rated more than once as one among the safest countries in Europe.

3. The Availability of Highly Skilled Professionals

To make up for scarce natural resources, Switzerland has focused on building up its human resource. Consequently, there is a lot of focus on education, and the literacy rate in the country is 99%.

Note that the focus on education combined with world-class facilities such as the ETH Zurich University results is extremely high-skilled individuals who will play a role in helping a foreign investment succeed.

Moreover, qualified professionals such as cosmos values are at the forefront helping foreign investors navigate finances, law and real estate needs with ease.

4. The Geographical Position and Switzerland’s Neutrality

Switzerland favorable geographical location facilitates access to over 30 European countries by car. As a result, investors who are interested in not only investing in Switzerland but also nearby countries are at an advantage.

Second, Switzerland’s neutrality is a key factor in attracting investors. The country is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the EU. However, the country is at the forefront acting as a mediator in international political matters due to the lack of self-interest.

Also, note that in a bid to prevent double taxation, the country has double taxation agreements with fifty-five countries and is also looking to sign ten agreements that facilitate tax information exchange.

Last Word

The above four reasons in addition to the fact that Switzerland is considered one among the most competitive countries in the world makes it an ideal place for foreign investment.

Actually, according to the Global Competitive Report, Switzerland is at par with Singapore and the United States when it comes to competitiveness. Therefore, do not hesitate, if you think you have an idea that can work, Switzerland is ready for you.