3 Mistakes Most New Graduates Will Make

You’re fresh out of university and perhaps you have already asked yourself the following question: What now? Well, you have a bunch of alternatives to choose from, but how can you ensure that your decision is indeed as brilliant as your degree classification? Assignment writers and essay writing services UK often have an opportunity to follow what new graduates are doing. While we don’t want to give you concrete options, we believe that by enlisting some of the most common mistakes we have witnessed, you will be in a better position to avoid the most common mistakes many graduates are making.

1st mistake: Envisioning your first workplace as a dream career

We understand, you want to land your dream job immediately after you have received your qualification, but unfortunately, life isn’t just that easy. Unfortunately, if you’re holding a finance degree, even from a very prominent red-brick university, chances are slim that you will be working on Wall Street, making decisions which can turn the entire world economy upside down. You need to scale down your expectations and be a little more realistic. Perhaps starting your career in a lower position could be the way to a bright career, don’t you think? Wall Street can wait.Image result for 3 Mistakes Most New Graduates Will Make

2nd mistake: Not accurately reflecting your experiences on your CV

Most of us worked various jobs during or before university; sales jobs, sales associates at a nearby department store, delivering pizzas…just to name some of the most common student jobs available in the UK. We understand that these are some of the jobs you possibly don’t want to highlight when delivering a speech as CEO of a multinational company (don’t forget, always aim high so in the worst case, you fall on clouds). Essays Writing Services UK can help you to create an excellent CV in which you can demonstrate some of the professional skills employers are looking for. So, why don’t you have your CV checked by professional assignment writers today? Who knows, maybe that’s all you need for your dream job.

3th mistake: – Failing to Grow Up

We are sure that your mum, dad, granddad, grandma, neighbour, cousin etc. have at least once boasted about their life stories and how quickly they needed to grow up due to adverse situations. Well, you really need to grow up now! You have a degree in your hand, so you’ll need to start acting accordingly. Maybe you can ditch your mermaid costume and wear your PJs in your bedroom only…definitely not the right outfit for your first job interview. Yes, they’re comfy, but you’re no longer a child. At least we hope so.

So what’s the ultimate recommendation? You’re an adult (now that sounds serious) and you need to see things more realistically. By avoiding the mistakes discussed above, you will be a step closer (well, possibly by many steps) to become a successful graduate. I can already see your parents looking at you with teary eyes!