1`1.74 High Index Glasses by Payne Glasses – who needs them and why?

 What are1.74 High Index Glasses?

Before considering a purchase, a logical question to ask is what is the thing you intend to buy, so here is a quick summery of the key features of the 1.74 High Index Glasses developed by Payne Glasses.

This is a new technology developed by Payne Glasses. The glasses are devised to be thin and useful for people with stronger prescriptions where the glass should be made thicker to compensate for the eye. They are suitable for both regular glasses and progressive.

1.74 High Index Glasses are created with high refractive index which means that you can use them for frames typically designed for glasses that have flat front surface, so you have bigger choice when it comes to frame and style. What is more, this new modification has a feature that reduces the so-called “spherical aberrations” of the lens which affects the refractive index of the glass and hampers the clear sight at the edges of the lens. This feature along with the durability (the manufacturer claims the 1.74 High Index Glasses have to be drilled to be broken!) compared to the lower index lenses definitely sets out the 1.74 High Index Glasses apart from the competition.

Who needs to wear 1.74 High Index Glasses?

Contrary to popular belief, the prescription is not the only thing that determines the choice of glasses. Individual features such as focal distance, frame, age and lifestyle should also be taken into account. Payne Glasses have developed a special software to help determine with precision if the 1.74 High Index Glasses are suitable for you.

1.74 High Index Glasses compared to the previous modification – the 1.67

As with any new product, 1.74 High Index Glasses had a predecessor – the 1.67. Here are the key features that set the two apart. The 1.74 are thinner but higher quality. The 1.67, on the other hand, have much more varieties to offer and are available with many more features and, even though lower quality, are more affordable. On the other hand, the 1.74 are the leading product for anti-reflexive and multi-focal progressive glasses on the market. Even better, the 1.74 High Index Glasses are the only product currently on the market that by default features UV-protection (blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays and reflecting only around 13% of the light) and with the discount Payne Glasses currently offers, are just as affordable as the 1.67.